Causes of Cracks in RCC Slabs

Hello friends, In this video lecture today I will teach you the 12 main causes of cracks in rcc slab, lets get start. Causes of cracks in rcc slab: 1: Improper mixing of concrete mix 2: When we do less curing of concrete. 3: Insufficient concrete cover for reinforcement. 4: More spacing of main bars […]

How to reduce segregation in Concrete?

Hello Friends, In this article today I we will discuss how to reduce segregation in concrete? so after reading this article you will be able to know how to control segregation in concrete, Lets get start. What is Segregation in Concrete? Segregation is the separation of particle which are present in the concrete, Cement , […]

Tips to keep in mind while concrete curing

Hello friends in this article today I will give you some important tips to keep in mind while concrete curing. many students they have the above question so lets get start. As soon as possible curing should be start for after casting concrete within 3 to 7 hours. Concrete curing period should not be less […]

Checklist for Concrete Slab while casting.

Hello Friends, In this article today I will discuss Checklist for Concrete Slab while casting, so lets get start Checklist for Concrete Slab while casting 1: Remember never keep the¬† concrete surface smooth in slab. 2: During placing concrete should be vibrate otherwise it make voids in the slab. 3: Don’t place dry cement on […]

Curing of Concrete | Curing time & Duration | Curing methods

Hello Friends, In this article today we will disuses abut curing of concrete that that whey curing of concrete is done and its reason let’s get start. Why curing of concrete is done: Actually we know that reaction b/w cement and water is called hydration , and its an exothermic reaction which releases ( heat) […]

6 Properties of Concrete for Mix Design Mix

PROPERTIES OF HARDENED CONCRETE Flexural Strength Test Arrangement The following are the properties of concrete in its hardened state, used by the designer during design process of reinforced concrete structure. 1.¬†COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH The characteristics strength is defined as the strength of concrete below which not more than 5% of the test results are expected to […]

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