Useful Tips for Design of RCC slab

Hello friends, In this article I will give you some useful¬†Tips for Design of RCC slab Let’s get start. RCC Slab Design Guidelines: a) Effective span of slab: Effective span of slab shall be lesser of the two 1. L = clear span + d (effective depth ) 2. L = Center to center distance […]

Types of Railway Sleeper and its advantages

Depending upon the position in a railway track, railway sleepers may be classified as: Longitudinal Sleepers Transverse Sleepers 1. Longitudinal Sleepers These are the early form of sleepers which are not commonly used nowadays. It consists of slabs of stones or pieces of woods placed parallel to and underneath the rails. To maintain correct gauge […]

Design of RCC beam

Hello friend, In this video lecture you can follow the given tips for design of rcc beam in detail. Note:¬† If the beam is up to 5 meter length and load is 7KN per running meter then u can design your beam same like given beam. Use 2 Nos of bars at the Top section […]

Design of beam

Hello Friends, In this article I did design personally for a small house which wall load was 8KN/m so this is my personal design and you can also use this design up to 8KN per running meter. lets get start. In a beam of up to 5 meters length, secondary spans of up to 4 […]

How to find depth of Beam by thumb rule?

Hello friends, In this article today I will discuss you that how to find depth of beam by thumb rule , many students they ask this question so lets get start. How to find depth of Beam by thumb rule? Remember that We can get this method with the help of ACI 318-14 code Depth […]

Reinforced Concrete Beam Design

Reinforced concrete (RC), a kind of composite material, in which steel is inserted in such a manner that the whole material offers higher tensile strength or ductility. The reinforcement is usually done using steel reinforcing bars.Plain concrete does not easily withstand tensile and shear stresses caused by wind, earthquakes, vibrations, and other forces and is […]

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