What is Function of Sand in Mortar?

Function of Sand in Mortar really sand are not used in the mortar to increase its strength but its used to increase the volume of mortar for its economy. read more: Difference Between Shallow and Deep Foundation? Using sand in the right amount can produce cheap mortar without hampering mortar strength. Sand subdivides the paste of […]

How to Calculate Depth of shallow Foundation ?

Hello friends in this article I will discuss about shallow foundation , that how to calculate depth of shallow foundation so let’s get start. What is Shallow Foundation:  A shallow foundation is a type of building foundation that transfers building loads to the earth very near to the surface. and shallow foundation depth is less then its width.. Footings […]

Difference Between Shallow and Deep Foundation?

Hello Friends , In this article I will discuss the difference between shallow foundation and Deep foundation, that what are the main difference between these two foundations, lets get start. Main Difference Between Shallow and Deep Foundation? read more: Basic Notes for Civil Engineers Sources Shallow Foundation Deep Foundation 1 Definition Foundation which is placed near […]

What is 1.54 in Concrete ?

In this today I will discuss about that what is 1.54 in concrete , when we want to find out the quantity of material such a cement . sand and crush in concrete than with volume of and RRC object we multiply 1.54 so we have to discuss this point today. SOLUTION: 1.5 is the […]

What Grade of Concrete should be Used for Concrete RCC Slab?

Dear Friends many student are confused that what Grade of Concrete should be Used for RCC Slab. So here in we have some option and I will also discuss is reason. Which Grade of Concrete Should be Use for RCC slab read more: Grade of Concrete and their Ratio Here we have some options. a) M20 […]

Remember 10 Points before Starting Quantity survey of Building

Hello beautiful peoples today in this article I will discuss some useful 10 points which you should remember before starting quantity survey of Building, lets get start. 12 Important Point should be Remember For Civil Engineers:. 1) Study the drawings carefully  ( without study drawing we can’t calculate quantity of any structure ) 2) Finalize […]

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