RCC Culverts Construction for Swat Motorway

Hello friends, In have gone to Swat motorway for visit with my Engineers friends, there I saw many rcc culverts because there are more streams which can make problems for motorway, there were more than 8 culvert and 6 bridges just in 3 km distance, after 3km there is Tunnel in Swat motorway which distance […]

Difference between Bridge and Flyover?

Hello friends, in this article today i will discuss the difference between bridge and flyover, that what the main difference between them, lets get start. The difference between Bridge and Flyover is based on the purpose of its usage and the location where it is built. Bridges Bridges are built to connect two points separated […]

What is the Different between Bridge and Culvert

In this article today I will discuss about the different b/w Bridge and culvert many students they have confusion about this Topic so after reading this article you will be able to know different b/w bridge and culvert Bridge :  In civil engineering bridge is the formed to provide the passage to people and vehicles […]

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