Site Selection for Residential Buildings

Hello Friends, In this article today I will discuss about the site selection for residential buildings, Many students they are asking about this topic so Let’s get start. Site Selection for Residential Buildings For residential building site selection is the important because without site selection we should not construct buildings, The selection should be done […]

Standard size of Room Kitchen Bath Room & shower

In this Article we I will teach you that what the the standard siz of room , kitchen , bathroom and shower etc. After reading this article you will be able to understand about the standard size Room , kitchen etc.But remember these size are used for the residential building. These Master Room , Living […]

How to Find Height of Building or Tower with Using Trigonometry method

  In this article I will tell you about that how to Find height of building , Many students they dont know how to find the height of building, so lets get start . Given Data: Base distance = x = 2000 ft Angle =┬átheta = 30┬░ We have to find Opposite side = Y […]

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