How to Check Good Quality Of Cement at Site

  In this Article today I will teach you the Good Quality of Cement at site , that how we can check the good quality of Cement. In civil Engineering Construction work cement his Important role in any construction works. because the any building or structure can be depend on the cement type, so therefore […]

How to calculate Volume of Cement Bag

In this article today I wiill discuss that what is Volume of One Cement bag in cft. and also the weight of one cement bag after reading this article you will be able the volume of cement bag with weight. We now now that: Weight of One cement bag = 50 kg. Volume of one […]

Water Cement Ratio

In this article today I will discuss about water cement ratio in detail. what is water cement ratio? Water cement ratio is the ratio of water and cement by weigh and also by volume used in the preparation of concrete mix. OR Water Cement Ratio means the ratio between the weight of water to the […]


In this construction article i will teach you the different types of cement and their uses in construction works. Because for different construction works we used  different type of cement, therefore its depend on the construction works. Types of Cement and the uses.  RAPID HARDENING CEMENT  SULFATE RESISTING CEMENT  HYDROPHOBIC CEMENT  PORTLAND BLAST FURNACE CEMENT […]

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