Useful Tips for Design of RCC slab

Hello friends, In this article I will give you some useful Tips for Design of RCC slab Let’s get start. RCC Slab Design Guidelines: a) Effective span of slab: Effective span of slab shall be lesser of the two 1. L = clear span + d (effective depth ) 2. L = Center to center distance […]

Why Crank Bars are Provide in Slab?

  In this article I will discuss about that why the crack of bars are required in slab, many students they have this question and also they face the problem about this question , that why we provide crank of bar in slab, so therefore after reading this article you will be able that why […]

How to Calculate Cutting length of Circular Slab

  In this article today I will teach you steel cut length for circular slab in detail many students they become the face of this question. This construction video is based on steel cut length for circular slab. Standard steel can be obtained in 12 m or 40 ft length. Cutting length for each structure design […]

Design of One way Slab | Design of RCC Slab |

Step No. 01: Sizes Step No. 01: Sizes h = l/24 × (0.4+fy/100000) = 4″ (Minimum by ACI for end span y h = l/28 × (0.4+fy/100000) = 3″ (Minimum by ACI for interior span) End span governs. Finally take assumed h = 6″ Effective depth (d) = hf – 0.75 – (3/8)/2 = 5″ […]

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