Important Notes For Highway Engineering

Important Notes: Alignment — the route of the road, defined as a series of horizontal tangents and curves. Adverse camber — where a road slopes towards the outside of a bend, increasing the likelihood that vehicles travelling at speed will skid or topple. Usually only a temporary situation during road maintenance. All-weather road — Unpaved […]

Parts of roads and road systems

In this Article today I will teach you part of road in road system in detail. after reading this article you will be better understand on the part of the road in road system. we have given parts of road in road system. 1: Road way : Road way is the part of road on […]

What is transportation and Modes of transportation

Today in this article we will discuss about that what is transportation and modes of transportation in detail. this is the important topic for today, so after reading this article we will be able to know about the Transportation and modes of transportation. What is transportation Transportation is one of the important thing for the […]

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