Types of column failure

  Column are conclude are Two major materials the One is Concrete and Second is steel Types of column failure Column can Fail with two Conditions which are given 1: Compression failure 2: Bulking failure What is Compression Failure ? This Compression failure is the material itself crushing when it become over load than than […]

Steel Requirement for RCC Elements | Foundation, Beam , Column and Slab |

  In this article today I will discuss you Steel requirements for RCC Elements, which is too much important to know every civil engineers at site, In RCC elements we use the steel but it the steel which we use in the RCC elements it not same for each elements like Foundation , Beam , […]

Reinforcement Lapping Zone Formulas For beam and Column

  In this article I will tell you that what are the standard formulas for Lapping zone of Reinforcement like beam and column. Lapping Zone for Beam and column Remember that Column is Compression member and Beam is Tension member Lapping Length of Beam = 40 D                here […]

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