Steel Requirement for RCC Elements | Foundation, Beam , Column and Slab |

  In this article today I will discuss you Steel requirements for RCC Elements, which is too much important to know every civil engineers at site, In RCC elements we use the steel but it the steel which we use in the RCC elements it not same for each elements like Foundation , Beam , […]

How to Calculate Quantity for Cement , Sand & Aggregate in Column

  In this video lecture today I will teach you that how you can find the quantity of materials in concrete for Column, Like Cement , Sand and Crush. this is the important topic for all civil engineers which want to know about quantity survey. We will use here M20 Grade of Concrete M20  =1 […]

What is column? Types of Column , why we provide column in construction works?

  What is column ?  In Civil Engineering column is a vertical member which carry the compressive load is called column, and column transfer the load from slab and beams to the Foundation or Footing. Why we provide column in construction works? In civil engineering construction work we provide the columns because the columns carry […]

How to Calculate Cutting Length of Circular Stirrups for Column

In this Article today I will discuss about cutting length of circular stirrups for column. so many students they can find the cutting length for the rectangular but not able to find cutting length of circular stirrups . so after reading this article with pictures you are to find the cutting length for circular stirrups […]

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