Why Super Elevation Provide in road? Advantages of Super Elevation

Hello Friends, In this article I will discuss that why super elevation provide in road. and its advantage, lets get start. What is Super Elevation in Road? Super-elevation we can define that the outer edge of the road is raised above the inner edge so that Raised Height of road  is called super-elevation or banking […]

How to Design Road Profile with Cross Section

In this Video Lecture today I will teach you how to make road profile with cross section. But this profile of road we are making in Auto CAD software. where you are able to make cross section and also long section for road. Here in this video we use Two small Application (Lisp Application ) […]

How to measure the quantity of asphalt in road construction

What is Asphalt : Asphalt is a  the mixture of aggregates which used for binder and filler of the construction of road . And also the asphalt used for the construction of play grounds and parking areas. Different  types of aggregates like crushed rock, sand, gravel are utilized the of mixture of asphalt. The bitumen is […]

Components of Road Structure

In this Article today I will teach you understand you on components of road structure in highway engineering. after reading this article you will now about the components of road structure. Components of road structure: 1: sub – Grade 2: Sub – Base 3: Base Course 4: Binder Course 5: Surfacing Sub Grade: Sub-grade  is […]

Different types of roads and their Uses

In this article today I will discuss about the types of roads and their uses. so after reading this article you will be able to know road types and their used in our life. Types of roads National Highway State Highway Motorway Super highway By Pass Roads Village Roads District Roads Country Roads Urban Roads […]

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