Foundation detail for House Construction

Definition of foundation: The foundation can be defined as follow : Any structure is segregated into 2 parts: 1. Superstructure: It is the portion of structure located over Ground level (GL) 2. Substructure/ Foundation: It is the portion of structure under GL Constituents of foundation: Generally there are 3 constituents of foundation: (i) Footing, (ii) Column, (iii) […]

Why Soil stabilization is Required? Soil Stabilization method| Important |

Soil stabilization is the process which is used to improve the engineering properties of the soil and thus making it more stable. Soil stabilization is required when the soil available for construction is not suitable for the intended purpose. It includes compaction, preconsolidation, drainage and many other such processes. Uses of Soil Stabilization It is used […]

Safe Bearing Capacity | Minimum bearing capacity for different types of Soil |

Hello friends, In this article today I will teach you what is bearing capacity of soil and safe bearing capacity of soil, and also we will discuss the minimum bearing capacity for different types of soil. so lets get start. Bearing Capacity of Soil The capacity of soil that supports the structure load, and transfer […]

How to Improve Bearing Capacity of Soil?

  Dear Friends, In this video lecture I am going to show you some useful method which can improve the bearing capacity of soil. these method are very useful when we want to improve low bearing capacity of soil, so let’s get start, How to Improve Bearing capacity of Soil? Given are useful  method which […]

How to Improve Bearing Capacity of Soil?

In this Article  today I will discuss that how to improve bearing capacity of soil? this is important topic for today many students don’t have idea about bearing capacity of soil? So let’s get start: Some Techniques to Improve the Bearing capacity of soil 1: Incrasing dpeth of foundatiojn] 2: Compacting of soil 3: Replacing […]

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