Important points for Calculation of steel Reinforcement

In this article I will discuss some useful point that how to calculate steel for different structure in civil engineering. Some points for Steel calculation 1: Deduct the concrete cover for slab if u find the length of main bars and distribution bars in slab or beam etc. 2: Crank length of slab =  l […]

Reinforcement Lapping Zone Formulas For beam and Column

Lapping Zone for Beam and column Remember that Column is Compression member and Beam is Tension member Lapping Length of Beam = 40 D                here D is the Diameter of steel which we used in the beam Example : If I use 12mm dia of steel in the […]

Different Types of Steel and Their Uses

Introduction Of Steel: The different between cast iron and steel is different amount of their carbon contents. Alloys in which the iron mixes with carbon and also other element to become steel. And high carbon steel percentage should be not greater than from 1.5% Types of Steel We have different types of steel which are […]

How to Calculate Weight of Mild Steel Bar | What is D2/162 in Steel |

In this article today we will discuss about how to calculate weight of steel bar. and we will use here the formula for unite weight of steel = D2 / 162 so therefore i will also give proof for D2/162 that from where we can bring this formula. so after reading this article we will […]

How to Calculate Quantity of Steel for RCC Beam , Column and Slab

In this Article I will Discuss about Steel in beam , column and slab.after reading this article you will be able to find the quantity of steel for different RCC members. We know that: Minimum percentage % of steel as per Indian Standard are given below. 1: For Column = 0.8% of Cross Section of […]

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